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Telephone: 1 (North America) 604 947 0815
Visit: 294 Jason Road, Bowen Island (near Vancouver), BC, Canada
Post: Box G-48, Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada, V0N 1G0

Governance Questions & Comments

We are most interested to know of individuals or organizations who are thinking about using Policy Governance, or who have adopted it. There is no registry of organizations using Policy Governance. We have found that many boards have read the literature, and have attempted to implement it with no trained assistance. This was exactly the initial experience of Robert Ballantyne. For him, this was a long struggle, but eventually it worked well; but we know that other boards have had serious difficulties.

Please take a moment to share your issues and experience with us. We enjoy answering your questions; it gives us a new perspective, and helps to hone our skills.

We will acknowledge your response with an email, but we promise that you will not be added to anyone's mailing list. We will not repeat the information you provide without your permission. If you do not receive a reply it is because your message was lost, probably by our spam filters. We'd be glad to receive your phone call.


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